October 25, 2016

N.I.A.L at Roma Cinema Fest

As part of the 11th Festa del Cinema di Roma, a debate entitled “London Calling: Essere Artisti all’Estero” (London Calling: Being a Foreign Artist Abroad) has taken place the 20th of October in the space Alice nella Città. Attended by many industry professionals, the event has been extremely successful and raised a great deal of interest towards N.I.A.L as a community and platform.

The event was organised by N.I.A.L., conceived by the journalist Katya Marletta in partnership with CinemaItaliaUK and Artisti7607 and moderated by the film critic Enrico Magrelli. It aimed to illustrate the challenges of the arrival and integration process often faced by Italian artists working abroad through the provision of useful interviews and information.

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